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About GlobalCommit

GlobalCommit is a “non-profit incubator.” It is a non-profit public benefit organization designed to help globally-concerned citizens plug into whatever productive, vital causes they feel need to be worked on, whether that project is hyperlocal, or truly worldwide in scope.

GlobalCommit projects are myriad: pro-social civic engagement (Civility Movement), political, racial and religious tolerance (CoexistSTANCE), Social Media Emergency Management (SMEM) (Rockaways – Hurricane Sandy News, Philippines Typhoon Aid), public health crises, urban renewal and redevelopment (Neponsit Home Redevelopment), even rural agricultural development (Feeding Liberia).

Whatever you feel you want to commit to, bring your idea to GlobalCommit, and, if it fits our profile, we’ll see how we can onboard your program ethically, legally, and responsibly.

GlobalCommit is based in San Jose, CA. It is the culmination of and next step after years of work performed by independent individuals all in good faith, yet as volunteer non-incorporated efforts. In January 2015, Peter Corless, through the fiscal sponsorship of Jen Q. Adams, founder of LAHAF, Inc. (Lend a Hand and Foot, Inc.) established GlobalCommit.

Thus, though GlobalCommit was a brand new organization, it is now the legal entity under which many pre-existing all-volunteer independent efforts are now finding the legal basis to grow and flourish. Programs created under GlobalCommit can continue to grow and scale through the organization, or, over time, may be launched as fully-independent non-profits in their own right.

GlobalCommit is a fiscally-sponsored program of LAHAF, Inc., a New York City-based IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

About Peter Corless


Peter Corless, founder of GlobalCommit, has been a digital humanitarian with well over a decade of experience. When he is not out saving the world, he is currently employed at Aerospike, Inc. His personal website can be found at