Civility Movement

Civility Movement is dedicated to eradicating violence in our community,
and the underlying causes of it, to create a more civil society

Civility Movement is a program to foster civil dialogue and pro-social behavior in our homes, our communities, our schools, our businesses, and in political and public discourse. It seeks to bring together people who are working on ending or ameliorating issues of aggression and violence in our lives, whether that is bullying or cyberbullying, street gangs and criminal violence, domestic abuse or violence in the home. It can also include racial, religious, or politically-driven animosity and violence. The cure for all such aggressions and violence is the same: civility. To learn to live with each other in domestic peace and harmony.

Founded on 6 November 2014 as a direct result of gang-related street violence in New York City’s Rockaway community, its charter and scope rapidly broadened in the face of national crises and surrounding debates surrounding police-civilian relations, race relations, and incidents of domestic violence. Before the end of 2014, a second group was started for San Jose, California, as well as a nationwide movement to span the critical issues facing communities from coast-to-coast.


Maybe you are already working to create a more-civil society. If so, let us know! Maybe you aren’t involved in anything specific yet, but you want to find out what others are doing. Jump in!

Civility Movement is organized primarily via Facebook. We encourage you to join our groups.

Once you join, make sure to introduce yourself. Tell us of your background, your work in the area of civility, and your goals and hopes. If you are part of an organization, feel free to mention them and tell us of their current, past, and upcoming activities and plans.


If you are in a community where you feel that Civility Movement could make a difference, and you would like to be an organizer of activities in your area or online on our behalf, please join the national Civility Movement group, and let us know you are interested in being an organizer and/or Facebook group administrator. We can get you set up and pointed in the right direction.


Civility Movement’s open Facebook groups follow a credo based on a call-to-action, and are backed with strong moderation. Issues spoken about often relate to deeply-held and passionate personal beliefs, where different voices involved in the debate can often get heated. Thus, each group has a set of “Group Ground Rules” to keep debates from getting out-of-hand.