Feeding Liberia (FELA)

Mr. Josephus M.C. Freeman

Feeding Liberia was created in the midst of the devastation of the 2014 Ebola crisis.

Mr. Josephus M.C. Freeman, an English teacher from Monrovia, Liberia, saw how both urban and rural communities were wracked by food insecurity because of the Ebola outbreak. Liberia typically imports a majority of its food from overseas. During the crisis, local farming systems and imported food transportation networks began to break down, causing severe hunger and even civil unrest across the country.

To help prevent future such food crises, Mr. Freeman felt it best to dedicate his family’s ancestral lands, combined with other donated land from his native village of Tuzohn, Tchien District, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia, to a new cause: Feeding Liberia. The first pilot farm site has an estimated area of 50 acres.

If this first pilot can be successfully turned to productive farmland, it can be used as a teaching site for other local farmers, or as a place to take urban children to understand how the food production system works.

He is just getting started, so not only does Mr. Freeman need donations of money, but also of advice, expertise and support. Feel free to share with others you think can help!


As of early 2015, 4 acres of land have been cleared for initial planting of a test farm plot. Trees still need to be cleared from the area, and planting must begin before run-off carries away vital topsoil. The project is hoping to raise sufficient funds for farm tools, seed and a chainsaw to help with clearing and planting.


You can learn more about Feeding Liberia (FELA) and help contribute to its success at: