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About GlobalCommit

“Commit Yourself to the World”

Imagine you want to do something to help change the world for the better. There is a community where you can start right now. Do it. Join GlobalCommit, and commit yourself to the world.

Founded in January 2015, GlobalCommit was created to begin a U.S. West Coast “non-profit incubator” as a fiscally-sponsored project of Lend a Hand and Foot (LAHAF, Inc.), a New York City-based IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) public benefit non-profit corporation.

LAHAF began in response to the long-term recovery needs following the January 2010 Haiti Earthquake. Today, it has expanded its programs to cover many domestic and international needs.

The predecessor programs for GlobalCommit date back to the 2012 Hurricane Sandy, and before that, philosophically, to projects for global understanding spanning back as far as 2006.

However, what has become apparent in this millennium is that “understanding” is not enough. We have to get involved and stay involved if we are going to change anything for the better. With the rapid changes of technology and society, we can no longer rely solely upon large governments or corporations to see to the needs of the world. Large organizations take time, sometimes years or decades, to respond to emerging needs and issues.

Instead, it is up to concerned citizens of the world, self-organized and self-governed, to help fill in the gaps between existing government agencies, NGOs, corporations and non-profits. We cannot replace the “heavy lifting” capability of entities with billions of dollars at their disposal. Yet we can fill in the gaps and direct these large entities to apply their major capabilities to where they are needed most. We can be the “interstitial tissue” in chaotic situations, helping tie together different and disparate organizations, communities, and viewpoints.

GlobalCommit will not seek to replace or supplant de jure or de facto authorities or organizations, yet will seek to enhance and empower their capabilities, foster community around issues, share information, and generally serve, where and how possible, as at least a stop-gap for individuals and communities for whom no other organization has yet stood up to provide remedy and resolution.